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#prague #tourists #snapshot look at this cute old couple :)

Enjoying the nature at #orlik. I was told there are #boats going to orlik from #Prague. Gotta check that out…

Little birthday getaway to #orlik and then some good ribs. #yammi

Very good Lebanese restaurant “Beirut” in #Warsaw #hummus #yammi

Visiting sister in #Leipzig, #Germany

#kiev at night

@jitkahosprova today at the show of #jankraus watch on Friday night

#dining in the air. Enjoyment or struggle. What happens if you want to go to toilet?

I want a #dog

#absolutely #yammi not quite #healthy but you know…


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Mikheil Saakashvili’s Growing Outreach on Facebook

analyticsAcknowledging Saakashvili’s continuing influence in the political arena is evident now more than ever when you look at his influence on Facebook. Since he stepped down as President on October 27, 2013 even though he has distanced himself from the Georgian political forefront, his influence on Facebook according to social media analytics continues to gather momentum. Evidence of his increasing Facebook online presence is demonstrated by the number of followers gained over the past 6 months; 207,000 to 300,000 followers. Maintaining his visibility in the Ukraine is a key contributing factor to increasing Saakashvili’s Facebook reach to over 700,000 users.

In contrast, Russian business tycoon, Bidzina Ivanishvili has resorted to using his considerable financial resources to obtain followers on his Facebook page. As analytics indicate he has gathered followers from more remote locations such as the Philippines (4907 Followers) and Brazil (6960 Followers). What a disappointment to those followers to see that Ivanishvili removed his Facebook page after shifting to the public sector as a “citizen”.

Ivanishvili’s successor Irakli Gharibashvili, the current Georgian prime minister followed the same pattern established by Ivanishvili and obtained his Twitter followers by untoward means; 50% are fake or suspicious accounts and the other 16% are inactive.

Looking at the big picture, after a review of Georgia’s politicians social media presence, it’s been determined that Saakashvili’s page has the most local followers in Georgia. He also has the most number of followers among politicians in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region at this moment.

By Nikoloz Bolkvadze
An Independent Social Media Analyst

JZP #praha #architecture #plecnik

Super healthy stuff

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Socks in Sandals

Welcome to Prague, where else can you see the unexpected sight of so many feet encased in socks and sandals? As it turns out, Prague is not the only place where people wear socks in sandals.

As a newcomer to Prague I assumed that sandals and socks were a unique custom to the Czech Republic. When I started my research I found out that this habit had been going on for thousands of years. Sandals were worn over socks by Romans 2000 years ago and the first evidence of this phenomena was discovered at the archaeological site in Dishforth, which is located in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

An archaeological discovery in the United States shows that the oldest sandals were found in Fort Rock Cave in the state of Oregon, which indicated these sandals were at least 10,000 years old.

Why do people wear socks in sandals when clearly the purpose of wearing sandals is to ensure your feet remain cool?

It’s not only Czechs who have this habit, but also Germans and other nations. In the newspaper article written by Brian Shea of The Evening Sun, socks in sandals are mainly popular among the older generation.

In addition to the Germans and older people, there are many famous celebrities that have been spotted wearing socks in sandals, amongst them David Beckham and Justin Bieber.

socks in sandals

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As a matter of fact, once considered not in good taste, socks in sandals are becoming a fashion trend according to Vogue Italy. The reason for this change in footwear fashion apparel is the variety of stockings and socks that are currently available on the market to compliment the sandals. However, this trend does not extend to men. Wearing socks in sandals in my humble opinion remains to be either a weird habit or poor taste in footwear fashion.

All in all, figuring out whether socks in sandals is less fashionable or it’s just a feature of being comfortable is a question of personal taste. Although I believe that 2000 years ago people were more concerned about the comfort of their footwear rather than making the trendy fashion statement.